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(c)2006 Terry McClain, (P)2010 Pushy Publishing (ASCAP) / Delvin Shade Publishing (ASCAP)


You've got your motives, yes, you've disciplined your goals
Tell me just what I'll get if I victimize your soul
I've got no patience still, just a badly needed scowl
I think I'll throw a fit, then to rid me of you now

You're just blown away, don't you know me by now, can't you see there's no answer

I think you're pathetic the way you always want me to cry
Reversing everything so I have to hear you whine
Tongue tied, you bite your lip but it's me who bleeds the most
I'll just keep getting lit and blow you full of smoke

Fast forward to the end when the credits subtly roll
And when you see me gone, you'll never know

Can't you see there's no answer (by now)