Tennessee Blues Mob is a dirty nasty sounding progressive blues based rock band thats been shocking industry insiders with a raw , heavy  but well polished sound...Legendary frontman Mike Phillips delivers world class vocals that absolutely leave you stunned with an emotional hard hitting raspy , raw delivery. Guitarist Shane Borchert takes you on an amazing journey stomping over the line with b tuned heavy guitar blues riffs that leave you spellbound with his bold  sound and eclectic writing style .Terry McClain on keys is a true musical genius who wrote and produced 12 albums in one year (all different genres ! ) creates an atmosphere that glues together the heavy with traditional sounds that create a full spectrum experience.His backup vocals match the raw sounding lead vocal impeccably rounding and tempering out the emotional experience fully.The rhythm section Damian Robinson on bass and Scott Mincey on drums lay down a truly remarkable smooth rhythmic groove that the band rides to perfection. All the members have played together in many projects and bands over the years in various lineups covering many styles including metal, thrash and heavy rock.It's immediately obvious that Tennessee Blues Mob comes in full force , single minded and well rehearsed in a new sound thats strangely dark yet has a pinhole of light around ever corner..Songs like Deep Dark Alibi , Two Devils and Love You 6 Ft Under..truly drag you to places unknown only to have it all come tumbling down with songs like the bar room brawler She Drank The Whiskey and Climb the Mountain (about fighting addictions ) ..Set to record their first album this summer with a well known cutting edge producer ( to be announced ) Tennessee Blues Mob is set to step up to the world stage...seasoned , undeniably different and with a nasty raw style thats so smooth you will never forget ! From day one this band has had a certain heavy dirty ass groove and feel you can only experience by listening and seeing for yourself.You will never forget it whether you a blues fan or a heavy rock fan.