Featured at Nippertown and Daily Gazette in NY, Nov 2011

Happy Juliet "Songs From My 20's" (2011) (Female pop-rock-electronic)
--"Haunted (By You)," placed on The CW network's "Ringer" airing January 31, 2012
--Top 50 local songs by WEXT 97.7 in Albany/Amsterdam, NY (2011) for "Through the Graveyard."

Disposable Rocket Band "Apocalyptic Propulsion Unit" (2011)
(Instrumental electro-mandolin rock)
--Metroland review, Albany, NY
--Freeman review, Kingston, NY
--Times Union, Albany, NY

Five Questions from Troy Record 2010

PRESS FOR WILLETT COMB, by The Realside (2009)

"Terry McClain (who also leads his own rock outfit, Guiltless Cult), just released what he calls a “philosophical electronic-rock album that studies the longing for peace in a world full of hypocrisy, delusions and deception.” But Willett Comb, recorded under pseudonym The Realside, is more than just a bunch of conspiracy-theory gobbledygook: It’s an engaging rock record, with politically pointed lyrics couched in poetry and brought to fruit by McClain’s elastic voice and instrumental talents. (Frank)Moscowitz, who’s been popping up everywhere lately despite having relocated to New York City last fall, also contributes to a few tracks." - John Brodeur, Metroland

"Terry McClain, who is celebrating his own new solo disc, "Willett Comb," which he's releasing under the name the Realside. "It's basically a political CD that isn't overtly political," says McClain, who also leads the band Guiltless Cult. "It's more of a dialogue on America's capitalism and socialism and the struggles between collectivism and individuality." It's a sprawling concept album that fuses together hip-hop, rock, pop, reggae and more over the course of 17 songs and 76 minutes." - Greg Haymes, Times Union

Guiltless Cult - Help Me Out (2006)

"The baker's dozen sharp, hook-filled original tunes that range from the slinky "The Straw That Raped the Camel" to the boisterously heavy stomp of "Heave Ho." -
Greg Haymes, Times Union

--Voted "Best of Local CD's" by Greg Haymes, Times Union

Listen for Guiltless Cult on the following shows:
  Kickin It with Byron Allen (ES)
  Food For Thought with Claire Thomas (ABC)
  The Young Icons (ES)

Songs: "Have To Say," "The Longest Year" and "Everyone Is Me."