Rock, Pop, Blues, Hip Hop, R&B, Electronic, Metal, Punk, Folk, Country, Oldies
Here are some of my productions:

Meat Fight  (Heavy Metal-Sludge)

Guiltless Cult ("Have to Say"-Rock- Licensed to the CW)

The Realside (Rock/Pop Solo Project)

Five Alpha Beatdown (mix engineer/NY rock group, "Sex Tape")

Darc Kontinents (Intl Poetry Project set to music written by Terry McClain-co produced by Lila Sakura)

Coin Flip Road Trip
(2007 Ed Wood FilmFest Best Soundtrack award w/Charmboy)

Happy Juliet (Electro Pop Female Vocal) Licensed to "Ringer" on The CW with "Haunted"

Disposable Rocket Band
(Electronic Dub with distorted mandolin)

Matt Johnson (Country Rock)