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(c)2006 Terry McClain, (P)2010 Pushy Publishing (ASCAP) / Delvin Shade Publishing (ASCAP)


Oooh what you do to me, I'm watching you as you sit
It's a coming through to me, you get what I'm getting
My situation is taking a toll as I'm watching your lips
Over-stimulation, as I watch you keep sippin

(Well I'm )stuck in a moment I should have seen coming
And just like a book that remains to be open
I'm in silence and staring, cant say nothing
I'm sorry I wasn't listening, I was thinking of fucking you

If we did this my way, you'd be over here jumping the ship
I know you like to talk seriously so we will when we will
Do you know that you could push me into any scene ending in sex
Get cut on your teeth and make me feel dizzy

Girl I got a problem, I'm afflicted with this picture of you
Doing a little nurse thing, you do what you do
You always get me ready though you don't even know I can't stop
Closer til we break free, I control the limits