1. Shotgun

From the recording Routine Prose Magnet

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Get back down on your knees I'm in the thick of it
You can beg and then plead I'm really sick of it
You were cunning enough to come break in my home
Now that you are defeated with a new begging tone
If the scene of the crime is now the ring in my head
From the blast of the power coming right from my hands
It's the great equalizer, great bastion of truth
Knock you off your feet and get the best of you

Shotgun, loaded, don't be coming around and try to mess with me
Screen and smoke them, when you speak to the gun you end with destiny done
Swollen, bleeding, ain't no reason to cry when you're aggressing at me
Same thing, close range, pick yourself off the walls then you will see that you're gone

The barrel points to your head, I won't shoot at your feet
The magic word is still death if you come to kill me
It's a bad enough crime to steal the things that I own but if you come here packing you will leave in a morgue
I'm already on top I got advantage in me, you got your handgun but I got something ready you'll see
I heard you from upstairs I hear you creak down the halls, I'm already there and you got nothing but a