1. Invisible

From the recording Routine Prose Magnet

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I'm a camouflage cowboy walking the alleys in the night
Looking for a little fun now itching for a good fight
It's my temptation to give one just what he deserves
My own secret brand of justice not just anyone can serve
Time to hit the shift now, I hear them yelling on the street
I'm a cold blooded renegade that'll bring them to their knees
They beg for mercy, they scream out for themselves
No one else can hurt me cause they don't see me as well
Am I invisible, I can see right through myself
Am I invisible, they can't see me until their death, get ready now
I was born to be a prophecy, and I only take the bad
I leave the good to witness, deliver only wrath
They say life is what you make it and death the silent clown
I do works within the good word that is there to strike them down
Am I invisible, I have come to collect a debt