1. 200 Years

From the recording Routine Prose Magnet

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200 Years

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It's been too long, we never change, then we all do at once
So many years, we've been dissolved and assembled in months
Every 200 years, every 200 years, we battle on what we've become
Every 200 years, every 200 years, we will be become what we have fought
You're not a trial, a natural citizen, can you live within
Our society wrought a new, brave precedent which you resent
And I'm the dissident warrior, a resolution to your malaise
A practical instigator of constituional medicine
Before you bring on more new rules as the antithesis accepted
Not administered by these fools and all the madness they amended
The perfect price to pay is apathy moving along
This is no life if you're living free which means free to choose right or wrong