1. Louisiana Sky

From the recording Routine Prose Magnet

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Louisiana Sky

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Out deep in the Delta where the frog legs and fishes fry
Blues music singing into the night
Got your potential to learn a lick or two or five
Break bread with a legend and ask him why
He's got no money in hand but a rich ear for a rhyme
Only needs a guitar to make you cry like baby at night
Underneath the deep Louisiana sky
There's something invisible that sneaks into your mind
It falls in from the Louisiana sky oh my oh my
If you listen in you'll hear it all rush in
See the shadows of Coltrane and Dizzy looking for a place to jam
Wonder who is following me where I am
Walking down the main drag searching for a shuffle that'll make me high
Get lost in the music til the morning light
It's no secret in the birthplace of culture's melting pot
You may think you can leave but you're not cause it comes with you
Everywhere has got a Louisiana too oh my oh my
I can't go to sleep in this warm Louisiana night
And now the sun is bright, and I have to drive
And I'll miss that Lousiana sky, say goodbye