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Stones River Romp

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Down in the center of the Tennessee state lives a little Boro where the friends I know are great
From the corners of Lascassas going west on 96, you can stay on that forever it's a road they'll never fix
Get Italian at Marino's and Camino's Mexican, I'll see you at the Fish House cause you know I am the man
Cut through down to Mayday and then head up to the square, love a fancy bathroom you know Liquid Smoke is there
Head on through the suburbs towards the party state school, you'll find me there at Dirty's or the Pub not playing pool
Burgers at the Boro and much later Handlebar, don't think much of driving because then you'll lose your car

You are my Stones River Baby, This is my Stones River Romp
If the roads don't drive you crazy (the bastard child of Music City), meet me at the Greenway (down on Greenland)
and we'll walk it (drink there) all day long

And if you like crazy, wild music styles, you've arrived
Leave a 10 take a 5, can't pay for bands when liquor's high
I'm artsy man, no Nashville dude, nice guitar man, sick attitude
Got a house show going, home studio too, so does the pizza man and his girlfriend too
There's a Camino again, another Walmart ooooh, I need some Dodge Chicken

If you like your money and have confidence to bake, hit the Farmer's Market and then Tagz for grilling steak
Then go hit the Rerun get your second hand escape, maybe find a demo from DB Studio's old place
Snake through Boro Fondo, don't hit a hipster on a bike, here a hipster's hipster is a just a man with suit and tie
If you like punk fancy you can take it to The Block, gotta get done early cause the Triangle is boss
Got some spending money you'll hit up the Avenue or head down to the Goodwill and pick up some nasty shoes
Everybody's someone and there's no one left in sight, they all peed on the monument and came back for a while