1. Onward

From the recording Routine Prose Magnet

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Onward, plotting a course today
Driving my dreams away, part of me says
Anywhere as long as I'm going fast
Not like the average path
Don't be impossible, never impassable
Not like where I went last time
Straight line over circles this time

Taken where I don't mind to stay
Take the wheel and navigate
My destination comes without a plan in place
So little I have at stake
So much to investigate
Travel not wasted on someone's couch

Onward, think I'll get lost a while
Close down the map and smile
New road in the distance
Something that I'll drive upon
Don't be impossible, never impassable

I'm not from around here but what would you do if you've never been here before
Lately I've been trying to keep myself from driving and walk to witness even more
Maybe I should pry, something in your eyes taking time listening and wanting more
I tell myself sometimes a stranger can be kind, let's unwind