1. Tiny Clusters

From the recording Routine Prose Magnet

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Tiny Clusters

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Say who you are, gather near the others
Proceed arm in arm, closer to each other holding hands
I'm ready for this, are you
Be ready to fill up the room

Climb up the walls, take one with the other holding hands
And you will cast shadows and pause like tiny little clusters
Like a glue, and when the odds come around again
And the whole mob reels you in you can stand

I'm ready for this, I can make it happen while you're there
I'm connected to you, it is the reason we are surrounded here
I'm ready for this, are you

Are you still touting a dare that I could be somewhere else
A ball of wax in a pit, we can keep them if we always share

Say who you are, keep us close and don't waste it
Cause you have to completely fill up the box with tiny little clusters
Closing in, with an army we're seeing here and the whole world dying to win
We're unbeatable