1. Hungry Robot

From the recording Routine Prose Magnet

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Hungry Robot

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Yay yeah! Gimme all that you got
Ripping up on the road beside a megaton marathon
Keeping up with the pistons moving far behind my fog
I could use a quick blaster and blow them to kingdom come
If I go any faster I'll be bare equilibrium

Give me all that I want and more baby
Supercharge me and call me crazy

Going down to find me a souped up boss control
I've been hearing for ages that you can run off the sun til it goes
I've been bleeding the planet dry ever since I learned about rock n roll
I'm the damage that's made when I absorb all the juice you own
If you can take it by force well you won't be taking it from me
I'm the undefeated roving maniac with a metal sheath

Give me all of your electric zen
Take me on and give me everything