1. Young

From the recording Routine Prose Magnet

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Unencumbered by the endless faces, leaning forward seeking graces
As they all adore you now, speaking for the non abrasive
Drifting through the crawling crowd, one kneels forward a proposal
How you seem so normal now, wise and sacred or what you make it

There is no age to become wise
When you are young, you are alive

I see you through a smoky cloud, smiling, gracious, all too patient
Suitors line the wall and bow, such a mixture to be tasted
In my room at night I see you whirlwind past me
I drink to love that will never end

And they call me back again to reach the weary end
And I won't give in, to stay alive is to never tire
Helped by an environment of ire and vigor again
You win everything

I see you on the other side through the tables spinning fables
With such a rewarding smile, I am only humbly taken
So whatever you want you can reach a thousand offers
Should you ever try just to be what you've always wanted