1. Live Wire

From the recording Routine Prose Magnet

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Live Wire

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Breathe slowly, keep holding / My patience wearing thin
You speak and I begin
So timely you have shown me the anger builds within
Where you and my fist begin
I'm trying to keep together some simple passive grin
Know what I cannot stand
This broken roller coaster, your silence pulls me in
For I am just a man

So here we are proving this again and again
I can take no more pushing and the endless swinging
Tired of taking the beating so I snap and defend like a real live wire

I'm more willing and able to smash your whole pretense
My solemn setting sacred if you could have one guess
My will is on the fence, too shattered, too broken
Choosing a hostile baiting I'm wired awake at last
I'm losing to the past, I used to be mistaken for a
More measured task

End the beginning, the time is nigh, do or die