From the recording Willett Comb

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All instruments, music and production by Terry McClain 2007


So what are you going to do? Did you let it hit you hard?
Desires and makeshift blues are trappings for your mind
So what am I saying? Happiness is divine
Concern for other nations that left theirs all behind
The truth is gold

More bodies fill the gap and we get divided more
Nobody seems to ask, we get divided more (collectivism stacks)

Now why no communication, we're a long time away from being close, You ask for your salvation, to me you only laugh
What is it you're saying? You don't need to ask
The questions are your payment for answers you get back
You get them back, the truth is sold

I'm changing my vibration to one that is noble
Genocide is for plagiarists too foolish to act, yeah they do act
For peace we grow and love makes no more bodies fill the gap