From the recording Willett Comb

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Music and lyrics written, performed and recorded by Terry McClain 2007


Part I: Same Old Story

Same old stories, they been fed long
As the worries grow, we just need to stay strong
We just read wrong, we've been dead wrong

I want to get out of here, but I know I need myself
There's no way it can disappear, I know I gotta be myself
I've got to get out of here, I know I can be myself

Part II: Serfs

Who's pulling my strings when I haven't had the chance to think
Who is better to do my things, than a man who is on the brink
Who's pulling all of my strings, this is the only way to be
They will know why I do what I must do, the law of the land
Why I must kill for peace and I can't forget their faces
No, I who am I?

Who's pulling my strings, I haven't had a chance to think
And who could be pulling my strings? I never left the ending easy to decide
That's why I lie...Will I be forgiven?

Part III: A Moment of Reflection