From the recording Willett Comb

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(Recorded live to one mono track with a condenser mic)

They say when it's getting cold that you can leave til the fair weather comes
I won't go as the train is moving, you can't live forever
There was once a time we made this nation
Mistakes were made but we still had a vision
Everybody climbed on believing that we could last forever
We could live together

And old times are gone, can't get through this any other way
We left where we came from and now the fiddler wants to be paid
Republic of America, where have you gone?

Socialists, they grab their papers looking for someone to sign away all their hard earned living when you can't reap the benefits
I saw someone ride a horse down River St waving a flag and blowing a horn
This was something right out of a movie but it was really happening
Is this really happening? That old times are gone...

We've come a long, long way to get everybody the same
And although we've got the same rights, we've been lumped together
Serfs that flow in error
If we listened to Andrew Jackson fighting his way through the central bank
You'd see how the wars were started and rout them out together
Stay and fight and never lose your ground