1. What A View

From the recording Gratitude (November 2014)

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What A View

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Trey Call: Additional guitar


What is wrong with me everything I see everything I'll be is a distant memory /All lanes closed no light beams searching for the stars to bring back my dreams
Here we go again with all the casually distorted fragments bringing out the answers before I even knew they started revel in the calm listen to the peace be thankful that I'm breathing and you're reaching out to me
The sun so high brings out the blue and white crayon sky it reminds me of you, what a view
As sure as seasons go summer always ends soaking in the glow surrounded by my friends /I'm content to be with everything I need and generosity is easy when it's free
As far as I am going I will reach the end in time and you know if nothing is for certain it will certainly arrive so on my knees arms to the sky sing so many praises and be thankful I'm alive
And honesty is what you;ve always given to me and you promised me you would always give me everything I would ever need, and when I'm with you, what a view