1. Downtown

From the recording Gratitude (November 2014)

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The directions to the way downtown you took me on the way An impression we were making rounds quicker than we even stayed
I thought you saw you with your friend and you were already holding hands
The affection gets you around safe and sound downtown
I know you hid it all once from me and I found out anyway
You and I are history but it doesn't mean we can't relate
I tried the old nice guy routine, I tried the idiot deep in me
And even then I wasn't mean but it was what you were wanting
A correction that would make you proud, safe and sound downtown
And you had already known me then I was a victim that could just pretend
And you found out I wasn't a mess
The conviction that you laid down, you left me there downtown
Without anyone around, no one to hold me down
A queen that never needs a crown