From the recording Gratitude (November 2014)

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Show Some Mercy

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Not a single trial, where's the evidence that you hold and is it worth it / In my mind, there's no other place I can go this time / Don't you ever look back and see who's behind the curtain / There's a better place you've never been searching / To me it's a balancing game to feel with eyes so blindly when your spiritual eye is seeing from the mountains
Maybe I should stay awhile I'm emotional and it hurts me / Maybe too much this time / Please show me some mercy / Oh well, Show me the well, drink it all from me
One, two, three when the patterns are shifting wildly from the fountain / A precarious rant from gurus chanting loudly / This is a cavernous maze of love and lies and beauty / A talent escaped within the guise of humans / I would rather be erased than change inherent nature / Always looking in line for the next one to save you / You see the delicate ways you can ponder shaping karma, you don't need to escape, the spotlight is on you
You can see the balance between winners and warriors, sinners that spoil yours, You can be anything, dinner for a courier, or eating them glorious it is only just