1. Soft and Loud

From the recording Soft and Loud (August 2014)

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Soft and Loud

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I'm wired, ticking like a bomb waiting on your answer, Tongue tied licking out a song to get you a romancer, oh I want you so hard did I forget to mention / You there crawling on the ground pull the eagerness inside me, I'm there spinning all around with a thrill that's so exciting / And I feel you so soft, get a little louder / You got me so sound think we gotta shout it
I need to reel you in so they don't follow along / A thousand looming men follow you in a row
They get like rats to your music so where will you be dropping them off / I'm like a game hunter baby so don't you keep leading me on
Sighs as they quicken their demise with too much stimulation / I'm there pulling on the line to make sure they don't mention that I want you so hard and you are so mine / When I get the go now I will keep you inside