1. Slowly I Turn

From the recording Soft and Loud (August 2014)

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Slowly I Turn

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Slowly I Turn
What have we become when the whole world's coming undone / Loading up your guns when you only fire on your self / You want it more / Carefully you aim, like a prisoner hunting your hell / Can we just remain a victor discovering their wealth / You wanted more / Certain and
Slowly I turn, selfish, absorbed / Caring no more / You made it so / You wanted all
As you turn away from the wailing of their plight, choking off the pain and suffocating your heart / You walk alone / Here you see your pride decimate you inside / Coping with the lies that ran off all that you loved / You are ignored / Purposely
And the dagger move its way along the vein / As you stagger pulling the pieces out never knowing where you'll end up again