1. Skyway

From the recording Soft and Loud (August 2014)

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Landscape spills out on the frame looking out an endless highway / The skies they speak an early refrain calling out to see which way I'm coming / The last of all the few who reached high ground when the flooding came and whittled us down / Corralled on these streets above the plains connected by skyscrapers that were safe / And we wander all, wonder long, left here seeking an ending we don't know but we all move on, we've all moved on, only think of not letting go
And stars shake above the skyway, and the cars made fly through the airways, it was hard to take such blind faith but we all made it here anyways
Walking out to the union above where we dined, coming to the conclusion we could make it in time, running up the stairs as the water would rise making it out through the gate where the others survived