1. Cassette

From the recording Soft and Loud (August 2014)

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Remember the mixtape I gave you when we were sixteen, I brought it in blue jeans hoping you'd kiss me / The spell was broken when I left empty handed, you had no stereo and got grounded / I kept the tape for days until you could have it and then I laid it on a magnet
Life is unusual so you imagine all of your dreams are full and love heals you with magic / I was amused in awe - my one perfect habit, to see you smile when you could finally play it for hours
Before I knew I was playing her this song, sent in a dream to a lifetime beyond / Hear them like snowflakes and painting a picture I knew at the time there was not much to give her
Driving her home then, making out in the driveway, she started to cry when I gave her a new tape / It was an omen, a creeping crimewave, cause it tangled and ruined when she pressed play