1. Black To Red

From the recording Soft and Loud (August 2014)

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Black To Red

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Calling all the neighbors you gotta get up and see this / She's gonna break you down and repair your disbelieving / If there's any doubt in my mind you know I can deceive it / There she is with them long legs and tearing up the scenery
Do I take the easy way out cause I'm going black to red, she put the blood in my heart, man
I'm coming to slowly and then she moves ever closer to me /
Can't put on your music she's done figured out, she'll put the bands in 3's or 6's or a million, no way out this trance of an achievement, there's a whole lot to learn by the time you end the evening

It's the only thing I wanna see would be her and I get the hell outta there - I'm going black to red