1. Raven Kiss

From the recording Soft and Loud (August 2014)

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Raven Kiss

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Raven Kiss
You got my molotov baby hiding in those bedroom eyes / You're the puzzle piece lady blow me up inside / Got a wild streak in you, eager with a certainty / That's a bold revelation to bring out such perversity
And you give us all a light trying to fire you up / Guarantee of a black streak stuck on your left cheek from makeup
You got a supersonic boom coming out the living room / A show of dedication bringing out the best in you / Got a showering of light blond hair run across my skin / She's the over/under type lose count before you get to 10
She's my Mona Lisa / Ahprodite of the naughty / She's the Raven Kiss see if I/might get her on me
Now I'm a victim of excess, cornered by a black dress / Got a cannibal inside looking to give me a try / Now what would I be missing if I didn't go at all, new owner of the black kiss to where the others fall