From the recording Into The Wild (June 2014)

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The Devil's Smoke Ring

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Terry McClain: Guitars, bass, vocals; Jonathan Abel: Drums


It started in a Tennessee town back where all folks throw down sipping moonshine with food smoking up some BBQ. A real wild soul named Jack put his heart into every rack a stranger walked by and smelled the pit of what he made himself. Walked in the backyard and said I can make it even better than this. Before he could even decide he was signing on a dotted line.
And that's what he had to prove to be better than he ever knew. Little did he know what he'd do when he might just regret the secret of this BBQ.
He was startled as the flames grew high until he tasted his first thigh dripping with sauce he drooled as he basted up another two. Next thing you know he saw neighbors walk by in awe holding out a plate they grew into the biggest crowd he ever knew. And they came from miles around gathered from the whole damn town. And as they ate they cried and when they went home they died.
He packed up and headed to the fair knowing everyone would be there. He easily beat the top three gloat ing in his victory but then word came around that everyone was dying in town when they came to shut him down he left in a panicked frown. Then he packed up and raced away never caring what they even said. Ready to risk everything just for a taste of the flavor of the devils smoke ring. But as he turned the corner to split the flames from the smoker they lit and caught the whole truck on fire and he burned as the smoke spilled higher and it burns there to this day, gather round to tell the story of his fate