1. Bar Fight

From the recording Into The Wild (June 2014)

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Bar Fight

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Terry McClain: Acoustic guitar, vocals, bass; Ryan Coleman: Drums; Logan Propst: Harmonica


A night out at the local bar where everyone is king, you either know who you are or who you're with is the thing/ Every now and then you meet face to face with a jerk and that's when you wanna watch that smirk/ You go a little long in a short bar fight, ain't no where else to be tonight/ You got ready when he started running threw a chair and left him tumbling / Who cares if it's not started right you know you'll have to leave if you wanna brawl in a short bar fight
Someone's gotten to drinking like a bug inside a pool, maybe just not thinking or acting like a tool / Either way he's coming and he don't like me or you so this is what we have to do
Now that the music's over and the authorities are called, I'm all out of excuses and apologies I've got / If I shouldn't protect her doesn't mean I am not / That's a good way to get a sore jaw