1. In My Dreams

From the recording Into The Wild (June 2014)

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In My Dreams

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Terry McClain: Acoustic guitar, bass, piano, vocals; Ryan Coleman: Drums, Lap Steel


Looking all around me I search my surroundings trying to find you reaching out to me/ Love was hard for leaving you gave to me to believe in then you left me standing in my grief/
You up and left when I had so much to say/ I never dreamed that you'd leave me this way
The trees look so familiar like they they did when we'd walk together holding hands we'd go down by the lake/ Now with so much sleeping it keeps me from too much weeping and you're always with me until I wake
Kneeling down beside you I grabbed your hand as you passed through one last tear as I kissed you goodbye/ I told you when you were leaving I'd see you when I was dreaming and I held you til they took you to the grave

I'll see you in my dreams