From the recording Into The Wild (June 2014)

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Out On The Lake

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Terry McClain: Guitars, bass, vocals, bg vocals; Logan Propst: Bg vocals; Ryan Coleman: Drums


Out on the lake
having a good time from morning till late we stay out all night we can't go home we gotta do more cruisin around the Nashville shores tons of missed calls what will it take I can't be reached I'm out on the lake
We may not have an ocean in reach but there's plenty of cool water out on Percy Priest. There's fishing and swimming and dancing and grinning. When the Sun comes up we start at the beginning when the heat gets high and the clothes begin to fly
Got the music turned up from metal to blues a Lotta country twang whatever you choose. Jumping off the deck of a boat with my friends get a little wrecked but the fun never ends