1. Boomerang

From the recording Into The Wild (June 2014)

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Terry McClain: Acoustic guitar, vocals, bass
Ryan Coleman: Drums, Lap steel


I guess you could say there's a reason that we're going our separate ways/ When I found out what you were about I just walked away/ Then I begin to care because I know you're there/ But is it dumb to stay with someone cause there's nobody else/ When loving you is the least I could do to make me hate myself/ But then you come along like nothing's ever wrong/
Is it love when the pain of turning away is worse than forgiving/ And the love that remains is never the same but better than leaving/ It's coming through the air, before you know it's there
I wished that I could make you hate for good and just throw you away/ but you'll come around and just knock me back down like a boomerang/ I tried to send you far but you hit me in the heart/ One thing I've learned about getting burned is use more seasoning/ It rains when it pours I love you even more and there's no reasoning/ you pinned me to the wall, and back with me you are
Find a way to live with me, find someway of straying through the wind where you never leave me spinning til I fall find a way of loving that's a breeze