From the recording Into The Wild (June 2014)

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Reasons Why I Drink

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Terry McClain: Acoustic guitar, bass, vocals
Ryan Coleman: Drums, Lap Steel


It's getting so much harder each and every day and I ain't getting any smarter for the things I do each day. So if I get appeasing for what you really think just give me one more reason a reason that I drink. Reason one is just for fun what I always do. Reason two is living through the crazy things you do. Reason three is just for me and the way I deal with things. So if you give me one more reason it's the reason why I drink.
Sailing down this river of booze and partying. I've been cruel to my own liver and embrace it's suffering. I jump into the deep end I'm swirling down the drain the reason I'm hung over is why I do it again
I made it through the whiskey I like the way it burns. Tequila rum and bourbon they've all been taking turns you keep yelling at me that I can do no right so I will just make myself happy and get real drunk tonight