1. The Island

From the recording Into The Wild (June 2014)

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The Island

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Terry McClain: Acoustic guitar, vocals, bass
Ryan Coleman: Drums
Michael Brown: Mandolin, Slide guitar


Into the wandering fields of the rolling hills, playing til dark in the woods of the night so still/ We stood together and watched as the sun pushed the moon over the river, the reflection beaming on you/
The songs we heard of a thousand birds echoing over our pondering words/ Stories told of our romance watching the heavens above as we lie there
Holding you tight as the flickering fire would fade, asleep in my arms with everything I'd ever need/ Waking in the morning to find you ready and bare/ Off to the river to swim to the island there
Travelling on to the place we already knew, happy again from the time spent camping with you/ One last quick glance at the stars in the gracious blue sky, we headed to town refreshed from the beauty of the wild