1. Without You

From the recording Into The Wild (June 2014)

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Without You

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The trouble with words is sometimes they never come out like you planned/ Even when heard you wished you could just erase a few of them/ I know I've been worse but I never meant to do it all again/ It's some kind of curse when I have it all and cannot just be a friend
Without you, the colors are grey like history and you are more like a mystery/ Without you, life is just bored and confusing, I'm on streak I keep losing without you
Been counting the days until you find the strength to forgive me, I'm changing my ways, If I beat this I can prove to you I'm free/ And I will return maybe you'll move on but you should know, I did it for you and all I want is to say you taught me so
And time moves on, it's supposed to heal and make you strong but it never fades, The worst mistakes are the things you cannot change it never ever, ever gets easier each day