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Welcome to the Zoo

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All by Terry McClain May 2014


Welcome to the Zoo
If I saw you there would you say to me what were you thinking
If you had to care how would it be if you never turned away
Something in you said you'd always find a way
Welcome to the zoo
Look around the fear is their eyes, the streets of old America are suffering in reprise of aging ideology wrapped in insecurity clamoring for for urgency streets are an emergency, rise of the new cannibals acting like true animals, only want to tear all this down and then demand to fight for new allegiance wedged in a strategic battle of the bleeding suffering and needy
It's a brave new world in which they only wish surrender competing offenders of your legal tender who are dying for a fight to give fighting about how we live draining out like a civ, while the oligarchs in power just continue to devour the minds of the feeble while they're watching from the towers, it's not a fair fight at all when the uninformed can only stand like a wall that being shaken to the soil/ There was a time when a dream actually had meaning, it was a source of acheivement from the work you believed in but now it's on a shell of a methodical illusion that is more of a nuisance than anything that makes true sense, they turned us all on each other, now the pendulum is a cutter but you said you'd always find a way