1. You're The One
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You're The One

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Terry McClain: Drums, keys, guitars, percussion, vocals, writing; Ryan Coleman: Bass; Keith McQuarrie: Saxophone


I got a brilliant idea I'm gonna share it all with you
No time to leave it when your heart is ready to do
Everything we planned, we gotta make it what do we say
Just a kiss that got me hanging around most every day
Baby, you're the one who moves me to my feet
You're the one to keep my heart jump skipping a beat
There ain't no diamonds or no riches to behold
To keep me honest or impress you any more
I got a good old fashioned lesson we call love
Nothing could be as good as what Im thinking of
Baby you're the one who's sticking this groove to me
You're the one muse of my melody
And when we get there and nothing else is known
Except the greatest feeling that love has ever shown