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Love Is Everything

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Terry McClain: Drums, keys, guitars, percussion, vocals, writing; AJ Nua: Bass; Keith McQuarrie: Saxophone


There ain't nothin to it, nothin but to do it
Come away with me, we got a whole lot of ways we can use it
And just when you think I'm all out there's more for you
Come dance to the music, your body's making me do this
When the world she's in combines with all of my arranged sunshine you'd follow too

Baby you know that love is everything, I need enough to make you fall for me
And I know you knew I can't stop what I do which is loving you

Glad we can be patient, I only have one reason to save it
For when the time we can unwind there's more for me
Now we're about to do this, honey you made me prove it
That when your world took in sunshine from our own hearts that reach through time infinity