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Drums, vocals, keys, percussion by Terry McClain; Bass by Ryan Coleman. Written by Terry McClain April 2014.


Waiting for you out in the cold, I never meant to let you go
I've only been seeing you around since you're not with me
Moving on the best that I can, Guess you're with another man
Is he simple and sweet or more like me
I never let it go to your head, since you left me for what I never did
Maybe just a reason you could try to run and be free
Now I'm waiting here
You told me you would always promise, you and I could just be honest
If we were feeling any doubt one could just leave
Now if your gonna dump somebody you could spend all your money
Making a new clown and laughing til blue
I thought I'd never see you again but you hung out with all my friends
I see them bringing you around and then end up like me
Now we're out here waiting