From the recording Ides (March 2014)

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The Realside - Hammer In My Head

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Terry McClain: All instruments, writing and vocals unless noted. "Hammer In My Head" co written by Damian Robinson (bass).


The spinning circus was the usual abandon i had sought for some time
The ever elusive gall of simultaneous reaction from pain and nausea
I knew there was a reason i had the two of them over and in the same line
It was a fortuitous use of distinction that i even made it through alive.
Theres always wishing from what you dont know
Where you are fishing from a stones throw
Blurred vision is barely redeemed and a long way from her clenching feet
Do i wait with punishment in mind or stop this brick that has hit between the eyes

Busted into for a prize, my head keeps knocking and the floor wont keep me alive
Im standing with the rise of an unknown hammer doing flips in my mind

I was leaning on the wall, then the door then the wall
I kept squinting at daylight but the blinds barely reached me at all
Just those skinny little cracks were enough to make me sway
As my balance shifted forward and the bathroom opened up
Hey nice to meet you can i get in there
Im looking to bleach my eyes and rip out whats left of my hair
Ive been a better friend to good medicine and i do thank
My sense of preparation for the ailing of the clanging