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The Realside - Light's Out

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Terry McClain: Guitars, bass, keys, vocals, bgvs, writing
Jonathan Abel: Percussion


The way to her heart like a naval command was a shot in the dark from an old lost friend / I brightened cheeks as I stared in her eyes and she told me the reason she lied
She was only elated to be moving on soon, the sea was her captain and the waters her muse / As she dove over and swam for the night I looked over into the light
All get lost in the pain, you seek those deep waters you claim without ever thinking / You had dry land / Everyone makes mistakes without finding out they never changed and now the light's out
She swam to the rocks of an invisible shore, gasping for breath as he asked her for more The sun was shining and she had cold feet but she married him never knowing
After awhile when the rivers had calmed, he left her for endless trips to the bars / And a lifeboat that she had no intention of towing or getting pulled in