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The Realside - Miss Direction

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Guitar, vocals, bass, writing: Terry McClain
Percussion: Jonathan Abel


What could I do while she moved into the center, a blouse in a room that before was a regular old pair of shoes and now she drives me mental Under a veil she swoons
Just like I feel when her black stockings rise into her knees but her dress is barely wafting, I am on my feet making sure she knows I'm watching impatiently
Cover me in everything you do for me and let's go down in history together
Just like the line of the boys who want her number but fall into ash as she burns them with a shudder, crumpled in defeat they only go to slumber until she leaves
That's when I dive in and save her from directions of other passersby and they become distractions, the twinkle in her eyes shows me that she wants affection, my ways and means