1. Jolly Roger
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Jolly Roger

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Now people think I'm smiling cause I'm waiting to win, I got a pocket ful of ables and I'm dying to spin, I got a peach and coca cola rum kickin on in and more friends than a prince at his home in the spring / There's a way that she can catch me when she's pulling on me, she's got those eyes of wiser prizes just illuminating, Had to raise my arm and toast her to the rest of the night where she'll be wide awake for hours while I see what I like
Takes one to know what makes me happy, Jolly Roger
Hiding here in Venus I am cradled in arms that would make Uranus jealous for the chance to be warm / Got a silent face so priceless that I know how it feels to be dashing through the universe that's built like Brooke Shields / There's a pattern to this nexus it's ok with the sexes to be restless and relentless to expect what is best you guessed it makes it a confession that I normally bless, so obsessive her caress is what that dress is to mess