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The Doubted More

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In a raincoat left up here to float away, I'm being drained Said our words were something unfelt of love Do you drown me in my own soul, does it hurt it's too late to be doubted more I'm steering the boat When the flood comes do we pull in to the shore and help them aboardThe way their eyes are the way they chased us away Would they bring us down just to watch us all die the same Where's the love and what's so wet, are you doubting me again When the rain pours out then we endure All the waves come crashing through the woods(And we towered trees that were no good) Bless the waters lest they hide all your guilt, blood has been spilt Drag your halos out into the cold reaches below There no crowns no kings here at all, only shallow thieves and the light they shun I'd stay visible and watch them from here igniting their fears