1. The Same Boat

From the recording Figment

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The Same Boat

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It's been a long time baby
We keep running to shore
I don't want to walk away
but I can't take any more
I need you there for me baby, sunshine of my life
And be still with the waves my love

We've been sittin in the same boat, Splashin the waves goodbye, We rolled(tipped) it over but we're still afloat (sinking more), catching good rays and tide
We could swim until we reach the shore or just enjoy the ride

The light of my life is the beacon I might find when I am away from you, all the oceans roll me to that time All the memories that words cannot contain, All the heavens and the world cannot explain, Oh baby, you don't know what I know, it's never too late to call me, you're never gonna need to call me

All we have tonight is to never need to