1. Pieces Of Me

From the recording Figment

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Pieces Of Me

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I traveled around
Kept in my own sweet
walking/ Down in the rounds of making a fool of
myself and now I feel the
Drowning crept in my all encompassing self/ If you were found would you be welcoming or without I don't know how
to turn it around
Still I count the days that
my conscience led me away so would you stay if I could find myself

I send you all my love
I'm wanting all the hurt to be changed (This is my turning back)
It's all I have to make you awake (and all the pieces of me arranged)
I guess there's no use
Covering the blame
(There's no more left
I can say)

Would you want me to
beg on my knees I can't
get any lower
Life is strange and then you're a stranger for being less familiar
You could say I am deranged and though
I'm a tad more open left for the wolves and vultures
Becoming a braver soul is my only crying wish for the ages no longer I'm shapeless
Someone followed me to the end
Someone brought me to the end

Until the end of the world
For every boy and girl
And now and then I fold away