1. Need Love

From the recording Code of Ethics

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Need Love

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Somebody tell me all you know of heavy things
Do you want to feel alive like the sun could always shine
Just need somebody to give you all forever brings
Grab her tight and enjoy the time
That you have to remind yourself that you're
Never gonna need love
Music, lyrics & recording by Terry McClain

The art of making a lover and friend so dear
Can't be so hard to find, on a ledge you'll be in time
Dive in and take it and give her all you could ever give
Can you look into her eyes and say
"Grab my hand and I'll make you mine.
We're never gonna have to need love."
When we look back we never regret
Not a waste of time, just something that we grew into
Cause love's not shallow, doesn't need to hide
It's an ageless wine that's passed around to those who need love.