1. Dog Biscuit

From the recording The Realside - Rock Paper Magic

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Dog Biscuit

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Written and recorded by Terry McClain February 2013 for the RPM Challenge


Hey, it's mine again, the only gift to give to my best friend
Patience don't ya know, got to put the biscuit on ya nose
Relax, there's a stash, you will get one when you take a bath
Some like their security, but when you get to maturity
You gonna find a good dog loves his own

While you're pacing wall to wall, I put them back til you earn them
again, a good dog will earn them

Hey, don't misbehave, got a lot of treats if you're good today
Training, here we go , gotta shake my hand and say what do ya know
The fact is I have no more, there's a ripped open bag on the floor