1. Down the Drain

From the recording The Realside - Rock Paper Magic

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Down the Drain

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Written and recorded by Terry McClain February 2013 for the RPM Challenge


In the morning the way the sunlight hits your face
Fills me with a warmth and sadness that this day I cannot replace
I was only hoping we were going the same way
I was shooting for greatness and you went down the drain
Across these seas of our misfortunes do realize I may
Be better off without you but never would I stray
I'd keep you like a captain of the heaven's only freight
But all these are just words to you, they dribble down the drain

I never meant to be the one who cared
I never got to be the love once shared
I only offered you a love so rare
One that only I could even dare
You and me we had a love so real
It never materialized for me
I kept it only in my mind for a week
Then I thought of you as only she
You broke my heart when we didn't speak
Like you were only looking out for me

I'll be rolling on down the drain thinking of you again