1. Broken Tongue

From the recording The Realside - Rock Paper Magic

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Broken Tongue

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Written and recorded by Terry McClain February 2013 for the RPM Challenge


The edge needs to be right, filled in between our whole lives
Where are we now when the weight brings us down
When the tower we live on comes to the ground
Are you ready to feel the grass as the ground shakes through me
Were you a splinter or spike or the foundation of me
A pleasant design

For when we built it all before and it all came crashing down
We can't build it all alone

My lisp is defined, spreading the tar on my teeth
and the feathers are seated
Choking and gargling while breathing out
I feel you quenching me, giving me water and a seed
I'm reaching out, will you invite me, I need you now

Your words, taste and mouth turn me inside out